Meet our assistants

Our assistants are advanced tools that facilitate the management of daily tasks, offering support in marketing, sales, customer service and many other areas. They ensure efficiency and help you achieve success in your business.

Task automation
and cost reduction

Assistants automate repetitive tasks, from managing emails to scheduling meetings, significantly increasing productivity.

AI models running in the background, providing analysis and processing of multimedia

They use data and analytics to optimize campaigns, maximizing ROI and effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Development of your Business
and increasing
customer engagement

With a personalized approach to communication, assistants help build stronger relationships with customers.

Assistant to Your Responsibilities & Industry Advisor

A helper designed to increase productivity and streamline communication, reducing the time required for routine and repetitive queries.

Automatic email replies
Assistant analyzes your emails, prioritizes them, comments on them and generates automatic for key messages you receive reducing the time for manual replying
Advisor to your industry and support in solving problems
Thanks to the knowledge base that we implement in the assistant personalized for your business, it gains the knowledge to become an advisor in your processes and details of the industry in which it operates. This allows you to effectively support employees in solving emerging problems and challenges
Data analysis and market updates
Process, analyze and draw conclusions from the data, saving significant time and increasing efficiency in decision-making processes. The assistant can also keep you updated with information from your industry or market data needed for your venture.
Support in a project or transformation taking place in your business
If you are facing an important professional challenge, a project with a long-term impact on your business, help yourself go through the process more efficiently. Have an additional tool that collects data and supports change or transformation, which by design are challenges.
Administrative & Accounting Assistant

Our Administrative and Accounting Assistant is an innovative tool designed to support and streamline daily office and financial operations. It enables automation of a number of key processes, such as records management, archiving, task scheduling and invoice processing, resulting in more efficient teamwork and better workflow. Using advanced AI technologies and digital data extraction, the assistant helps find information quickly, optimize workflows and reduce errors, which is crucial for efficient administration and accounting.

Summary of Documents
The tool uses artificial intelligence to summarize complex documents, enabling quick analysis and conclusions, significantly reducing the time needed to review and understand documentation.
Invoice processing
It automates the processing of invoices and accounting documents, from scanning and extracting key data to integrating with accounting systems. It significantly reduces the time and effort required for financial handling, minimizing the risk of errors.
Task and Meeting Planner
A scheduling tool for team meetings and tasks that helps coordinate work, set priorities and track progress, increasing organizational efficiency and facilitating team communication.
Digital Document Manager
It offers a comprehensive solution for digital data extraction, document management and archiving. Facilitates organization of documents, provides easy access to information.
Human Resources & HR Assistant

Our HR and HR Assistant is a comprehensive tool to facilitate human resources management in your company. It offers features such as automatic onboarding of new employees, simplifying the offboarding process, efficient recruitment using artificial intelligence, and automating the creation of employee applications and contracts. With this tool, you can significantly improve your HR processes, ensuring a smooth transition of employees through all stages of their career path, and streamlining records management and recruitment, allowing you to better match talent to the needs of your organization.

AI Recruiter
It quickly processes and analyzes candidates' resumes, pulling out key information and skills to help identify the most promising applicants.
Staff development
The assistant is able to source and create custom development content tailored for a specific job model. It also assists in building development paths for individual departments.
Employee Document Generator
The tool automates the creation of applications, contracts and other documents for employees, saving management time and reducing the risk of errors, resulting in more efficient HR processes.
Categorization of documents
The tool automates the categorization and proper ordering of documents creating more efficient workflow processes.
Onboarding Machine
The tool speeds up the onboarding process for new employees by automating onboarding tasks and providing them with all the necessary information to successfully start work.
Assistance in solving problems
The assistant is able to become an individual advisor on a specific problem you encounter in your work, dialoguing and helping you analyze the problem step by step.

Gracjan AI

Our flagship service still under development as part of a research and development project

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Gracjan AI

Customer Interaction Chatbot on the website
With Gracjan AI, customer service availability increases to 24/7 at no additional cost and the appointment scheduling process. Companies using chatbots are experiencing a 30-70% reduction in customer service inquiries, significantly reducing operating costs and support wait times.
Automate Appointments and Optimize CRM
Gracjan AI streamlines the appointment scheduling process, automatically coordinating appointments and adjusting them to meet the needs of clients and the company. Meanwhile, the integration of Gracjan AI with CRM systems enables instant updates and access to customer data, allowing for more personalized and effective marketing and sales efforts. A better understanding of customer needs translates into increased business efficiency.
Digital member of your team as support in Marketing and Development
Our marketing and social media assistant is a comprehensive tool to support your promotional activities. It offers features such as creating engaging posts on social media platforms, sending personalized offers to customers, and automatically generating summaries of customer collaborations.
Social Media persona to help promote your products and services
Gracjan AI has a presence on all social media as a virtual persona, creating engaging content, managing online presence and generating interest through interactive dialogues. You gain a way to give creative as well as ethically correct answers because Gracjan AI is not afraid of any questions from your watchers.
See what Gracjan can do
Interactive Advisor

The chatbot responds to queries, helping users quickly find the information they need. It acts as a personal advisor, available 24/7.

Consultant for the development of the company. Innovation

It focuses on customers' problems, offering free advice and customized solutions. It builds trust and emphasizes the value of the company's services.

Deployment Ambassador

It presents compelling implementation concepts, showing the benefits and opportunities. It motivates customers to take action and invest in solutions.

Expert on Industry Trends

Gracjan is an expert who follows the latest industry trends. His knowledge of current market directions helps clients navigate the rapidly changing world of technology.

Sending offers
A tool that effectively reaches your customers with customized proposals. It uses advanced algorithms to analyze customer preferences, which allows to increase the effectiveness of any promotional campaign.
Creating a Customer Base
The tool for effective collection and management of customer data. It allows precise segmentation and analysis of audience information, which is key to creating effective marketing strategies and tailored communications for your target audience.
Social Media Support
The tool provides comprehensive support for your social media presence. From creating engaging posts, to monitoring audience response, to managing ad campaigns - all to maximize reach and build a positive brand image online.
Summary of Cooperation
A tool that automatically generates cooperation summaries, conducts satisfaction surveys and sends evaluation requests to your customers. It provides invaluable information to continuously improve the quality of service and services offered.
Interaction Generator

It arouses curiosity and engages users through interactive dialogues. It encourages further discovery of the offerings, creating a positive experience.

Master of Riddles

It enlivens conversations by providing riddles and industry jokes. It adds lightness and humor to the interaction, building a positive atmosphere.

CRM Assistant

Seamlessly save and update data in the CRM system. It ensures that every contact and interaction with the customer is accurately recorded and easily accessible.

Voice Assistant

It allows interaction with the chatbot via voice commands, offering a convenient alternative to typing. Ideal for users who prefer to talk.

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