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Below AI use cases that we can successfully implement in your company.

Job Assistants

  • AI data analysis
  • Automated Email Response Generation
  • Support in solving problems
  • AI automated collaboration summaries, surveys and evaluation requests
  • Bid sending bot
  • Social Media Support
  • Creating a customer base
  • Summary of submitted documents using AI
  • Digital data extraction, document management and archiving
  • Scheduling team meetings and tasks
  • Processing of invoices and accounting documents
  • Automatic onboarding of employees
  • Automatic offboarding process
  • Recruitment using AI
  • Generate applications and contracts for employees
  • Logistics Assistant
  • Projects Assistant


  • answers questions
  • appointment
  • saving data in CRM
  • creating customer interactions
  • taking an interest in the customer’s problems and providing free advice
  • Creating interesting service-based solutions for the customer
  • generation of riddles and industry jokes for the customer
  • Persuasive implementation handouts for the customer
  • creating short videos for the client
  • Webscraper AI
  • Recreation of historical figures, mentors, idols
  • Personalized learning and development agent
  • Strategic AI
  • Multi-agent AI
  • Specialized AI employee
  • Preventing risks
  • Demand forecasting
  • Optimize inventory and resources
  • Customer Data Analysis
  • Optimizing Delivery Paths
  • Planning for savings
  • Intelligent written text recognition (ICR)
  • Intelligent document data extraction and processing (DRC)
  • Recognizing text from images (OCR)
  • Creating an audiobook series based on a selected voice sample
  • Creating a series of thematic videos to promote the company based on industry imagery or personal branding


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– Your digital AI team leader. This groundbreaking service uses artificial intelligence to oversee and delegate tasks to multiple specialized AI agents in your company.


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