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What will help each of your AI projects?

Our service modules

AI solutions

The module involves the customer selecting a service from our portfolio to implement in their business environment. Then, after a free consultation and audit, in which, among other things, we provide a number of solutions so that the client has control over the project before spending the first zloty, we move on to the implementation phase of the agreed projects. Of course, Our solution care lasts even longer, which you can learn about below.


The "Implant" module is an innovative solution offered by our company to support other organizations through the implementation of our highly qualified employee. Under this module, an AI and automation specialist is temporarily relocated to a client company to provide specialized technical support and expertise on-site.

Why us?

Our Pride and Joy

Specialization in SMEs

Our solutions are tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, we understand them and help them digitize effectively, and we are not closed to institutions or individual professionals.

Education and support in automation

Not only do we provide automation or AI tools, but we also train and support our customers to realize the full potential of the technologies we offer and improve their business processes.

Partnership with Microsoft

We have a partnership agreement with one of the technology leaders, under the Microsoft AI program, using the latest tools and solutions in the cloud.

Patented Trademark

Our brand and innovations are protected within the EU, underscoring our commitment to quality and originality.

Polish Roots

We are proud of our origins and ready to work for the technological development of Poland, within the framework of regional and national innovation.

Team with Passion

Our team is a group of dedicated individuals who combine knowledge with a passion for technology, ready to provide the best solutions for our clients and infect them with an open-minded approach to the future.

How do we operate?

This is what the action plan looks like at WAY TO AI!

Free audit to identify areas for the use of AI and Automation in your business*

Everything we offer below will be created until your project's goals, methodologies and objectives are approved is part of the Audit, which according to our service model is free of charge.

Project platform

Project Platform – A platform for scheduling tasks in the
within the project supported by AI – will include, notes,
Topics for weekly meetings, instructions, details, tags,
all tasks with sub-items that are stages of each
tasks and their contractors, concerning each of the tasks, as well as
calendar with scheduled meetings and availability of specialists
WAY TO AI. It will be integrated with all Forms of Implementation
Project. During the audit we will make it available to you, it will serve as a
knowledge sharing platform.

Project charter

Project charter – consists of platform-enabled 3 dynamically connected modules in the application, allowing you to measure and achieve project goals without losing information in the process. ZIt contains the descriptive part of the Lean methodology, i.e..
team by function, objectives, metrics, plan or
Graphic representation of the project’s progress. It is an abbreviation of
The most important information gathered in the project. Results module – contains a calculation interface that presents
Each week of the project is mapped according to the Plan
directional, gives the opportunity to measure the results of work
Which automatically calculate the level of achievement of each
tasks, the current working week and also the level of a given
objectives. Module High-level plan for the project
allowing to determine the potential – is dynamically
linked to the Results sheet to be able to modify the framework
tasks in relation to the needs – after the decision of the project team.

Chatbot of the project

Project chatbot – A virtual assistant that has project knowledge, WAY TO AI data, client data, project management documentation and is able to support the entire team, we secure and put the solution on our own server and bear its costs until the Audit is completed.

Map of thoughts

Mind map – Mind map tool -.
helping to develop the project’s uncertainties, the solution is
supported AI and helps to better understand the problem under study and
scale it to extract as much as possible from the implementation of the innovation.


Dataset – the place in the cloud where we will be
store files / instructions and documentation – all
The data will be linked to the Project Platform.

Weekly series of meetings

Weekly series of meetings – project team members
for checking the results, discussing ongoing work, a
Also, the exchange of information between the customer and WAY TO AI.

Permanent B2B contact

B2B contact – Text/voice chat for faster exchanges
knowledge and arrangements between the Client and WAY TO AI.

Free Consultation
Chatbot: Provides information about services, matches offers to customer interests and delivers materials.
Consultation: Analysis of specific customer requirements and expectations. Send a customized offer with personalized solutions and recommendations.
Free Audit at the Customer's Site
A one-day, in-depth study of a specific service.
Benefits of the Audit:
- Value Stream Mapping: Detailed description of development processes and strategies.
- A report from WAY TO AI with a process development strategy.
- Virtual Expert of your process and implementation.
- Pricing and estimated completion time.
Design and Implementation
In this phase, we focus on developing personalized, scalable solutions that are integrated into the customer's technology ecosystem. We use state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies to ensure smooth implementation with minimal risk. Our goal is to create effective systems to support long-term customer growth.
Optimization and Support
We provide performance monitoring of the implemented solution as part of the subscription. We regularly provide detailed reports and analysis so that you are always fully aware of the effectiveness of our services. In addition, we offer ongoing support and optimization, which guarantees not only ongoing efficiency, but also scalability and future growth of the solution.
Once the solution is implemented, we offer a month of free consultation to ensure a smooth transition and full satisfaction with our services. In the next two months, we offer counseling for up to 4 hours at half the standard price. For further support, in the following months, we will give you a 15% discount on each hour of consultation, with the possibility to individually determine the number of hours according to your needs.


How do we operate?

What are the benefits of implementing your AI solutions in my company?

Implementing our AI solutions increases a company’s efficiency and competitiveness by automating business processes and analyzing data, leading to better decision-making.

Does my company need specialized hardware or software to implement the solutions you offer?

Your company does not require specialized hardware to deploy our AI solutions, as they are designed to work in the cloud and are compatible with existing IT systems.

In what areas are you able to help me as a specialist or my employees?

We can help in areas such as business process automation, data analytics, improving customer service, logistics, human resource management, accounting and much, much more.

What security measures do you have in place to protect my company's data and information when using your AI-based solutions?

We use advanced security measures including data encryption, network security protocols and regular security audits to protect your company’s data and information.

What is the Implant option?

The “Implant” option in Our Company refers to a model in which one of Our employees is temporarily transferred to another company to work there and support it with their knowledge and experience. This solution allows customer companies to directly benefit from Our employee’s expertise, which is particularly useful in situations where specialized AI and automation support is required that is not available internally at a given company.


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